5 Top Winter Check-ups That Your Car Need – Find Out!

Winter is here. Depending on the area you live in Australia; winter may vary. In the southern part of Australia, it rains & the northern part receives snowfall in most areas. Though the winter scenario is different in both zones, the roads will be wet & slushy or snowy, making driving a horrible experience for car drivers. So, we insist that every car owner keeps their vehicle trouble-free and smooth with a car service Sunshine. When you leave your vehicle for car repairs Sunshine, they will visually inspect the vehicle for any damage, diagnose the mechanical & electrical condition & may even recommend a cleanup or car wash.

 Change Your Batteries

The scorching summer might have taken a toll on your car’s battery. So checking your car’s battery health and replacing it with a new one is crucial. When you go to a mechanic Sunshine North, they may inspect your battery health and inform you whether a replacement is needed.

Check Your Tyres

No matter what having a set of winter-ready tyres makes your driving smooth on slick roadways. Changing your car tyres in summer and winter can help you get more mileage and increase fuel efficiency.

Oil Change

An oil change is the most effective upgrade that works well in extreme weather. If your vehicle has starting issues, it’s time for an engine oil change. When you hire mechanic Sunshine, they will check your logbook for an oil change & based on the manufacturer specification & will change the oil. Also, they inspect your engine fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid and change them as recommended by the manufacturer.

Brake Inspection

Braking your vehicle can be difficult during winter. So, have your brakes inspected by a trained brake technician for complete peace of mind. From brake pads to brake fluid and rotors, they will diagnose each aspect of your brake system and change it if necessary.

Inspect All Lights

Get your car light inspected by a professional car service to know. They will visually inspect all lights including tail lights, third-level brake lights, headlights, and driving lights.

If you’re looking for winter car maintenance or general car service near Sunshine, call Balfour Auto Service at (03) 9366 0769.

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