Balfour Auto Service

Brake Services

Does your brake pedal feel spongy? 

Do you hear noise when braking? 

Do you feel vibration when braking?

These are symptoms of your brakes wearing out and require attention immediately.

Maintaining your brake system regularly can prevent you from having a major accident. Your Brakes function is the most important system in your vehicle. We provide a huge range of brake repair services including Inspecting and replacing your brake pads, discs/drums, hoses, wheel cylinders, brake booster, master cylinders and brake fluid.

We are located in Sunshine North. If you are in Sunshine, Ardeer, Albion, Avondale Heights, Deer Park, Braybrook, Maidstone, Keilor East, Kealba St Albans or Cairnlea, we are a few minutes drive.